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Helpful Hints
Helpful Hints

We are pleased to share these Helpful Hints to assist you in year-round gardening and yard care. Click here to download pdf. Contact us today for more landscape design ideas.


  • Soil around these shrubs must at all times be moist to a depth of at least one foot.
  • Shrubs growing under an overhang will require special attention for these shrubs generally receive less to no rain or moisture unless you have an irrigation system.
  • Tree bark mulch or gravel mulch on landscape fabric provides for a surface mulch, thus less watering is necessary for covered beds. Cedar mulch or GroBark mulch can be placed on the garden beds directly to achieve a similar result. Care must be taken to not apply these products on young perennials or annuals since it may prohibit growth.
  • Evergreens especially, must have a thorough soaking just prior to "freeze up". The Fall usually provides enough rain for evergreens to Winter but, when a dry Fall comes.. be ready!


  • In beds where soil is exposed, the soil should be cultivated every one to two weeks to a minimum depth of four inches.
  • All weeds should be uprooted and removed from the soil.
  • Remember that open, exposed soil is an invitation for weeds.
  • Newly planted perennials should be mulched with cuttings, straw or shredded bark for the first winter to help ensure hardy growth next year.

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Deciduous Shrubs:

  • Prune most early-flowering shrubs immediately after they have finished flowering.
  • Prune most late-flowering shrubs in early Spring ( Note: there are exceptions to the above).


  • Evergreens may be pruned in April - May before the new growth commences or in July- August after the new growth has matured or hardened off.


  • Remove all dead and damaged branches.
  • As the hedge develops, trim to provide a base wider than the top (pyramid shape)


  • Various types of pruning are carried out on trees including thinning, shaping and dead-wooding (not for novices) Cutting down of living trees requires a permit in many Municipalities so be sure to check your by-laws before cutting down any trees.

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Markville Landscaping uses specially blended organic triple mix soils, rich in essential elements. We also offer a ph neutral mulch on request to help retain moisture and reduce weed germination & growth.

No soil will remain fertile indefinitely and composting or fertilizing is recommended.

No fertilizing is necessary except for lawns and hedges for the first few seasons, and after that your household compost or a slow release granular fertilizer can be used by carefully applying it around the base of your plants and work into the soil (always follow the directions on the packaging / check with your local municipal by-laws re: usage restrictions).


  • Keep all pets away from newly planted shrub beds and rock gardens.
  • Newly planted shrubs and trees are vulnerable to physio-genic diseases which is damage incurred by rain, wind and sunshine.
  • Care should be taken when planting and maintaining new shrubs and trees.
  • The best pest and disease control is preventative control, which includes careful maintenance of the plant's moisture and element requirements. Strong and healthy plants are more resistant to the hardships of nature.
  • Should pests and/or disease infest a plant, organic or chemical insecticides should be used cautiously and preferably by a professional (always follow the directions on the packaging / check with your local municipal by-laws re: usage).


If you have a sprinkler system installed than be sure to have it winterized before the really cold weather starts. The water must be removed from the lines and heads to minimize frost damage and avoid costly repairs in spring. Get a professional to do this for you since it requires a high volume compressor to do correctly. If Markville Landscaping installed your system then you are automatically scheduled for this service.

Those of you with outdoor living spaces that include outdoor plumbing need to have the fixtures properly winterized to avoid costly repairs in spring. Call Markville Landscaping to arrange this service before it gets too cold !

This also applies to fountains, ponds and other water features that may not be frost proofed. Be sure to call and have this service arranged before it's too late.... (your warranty may depend on it..!).

** If you have any questions, please email or call us at 905-471-1010.

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